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Give a report and consultation suggestions for a nearly falling tree

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I have a tree in my backyard. The tree's root was hurt during the storm. As the tree is a privacy wall between my home and one of my neighborhoods, instead of hiring someone to remove the tree directly, I am trying to go through the Sammamish Hazard tree removal process on https://www.sammamish.us/media/55279/hazard-tree-removal-form.pdf to avoid some hassles.
This process requires a TRAQ certified Professional Arborist licensed by the International Society of Arboriculture evaluate your tree(s). This vendor has this license.
Their fee is $150 (without tax) for the onsite consultation. If you hire them for the further service such as tree removal, the consultation fee will deducted from the final job.
The specialist come to my home at the second day as scheduled. He suggested the tree has to be removed. However, as the tree is a shrub, no permit is required.
He gave me a proposal with their bid price. The bid price is $1400 to remove a tree which is very high. The bid is 3 times of other companies (Of course, other companies might not have TRAQ certified.) I will not ask them to do the tree removal part.

Not-So-Good Comments

The price of their tree removal service is the way high than the usual service providers. They bid $1400 to remove a tree and another $450 to grind the root.
Other two providers just need $500 to $575 to remove the tree.
If you do not need a strict TRAQ certified Professional, I will not suggest you go with this provider.

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    Provided Services: Eastside Tree Works is a family owned and operated tree company providing a wide range of commercial and residential tree services to Seattle, the greater Eastside and North Bend.
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