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by Lily M. (Company User | Ranking:Homeowner)
Last update on 10/11/2017  

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Baseboard install, change toilets, move some furniture with his truck

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他帮我换厕所,装baseboard,拉mattress和餐桌,每小时收费才$20,人非常实诚,我都觉得便宜得不忍心. 他是 Cesar: ‭+1 (425) 365-9780‬, handyman, mover, painter, gardener, he said he works for a construction company, so he seems to know a lot. I have not asked him to do big project yet. So please double check his past projects before you hire him for big and fine projects.

He is very kind and honest, he hauled away my three old toilets without me asking, cleaned up behind him. He went to pick up the toilets I ordered from online. For such heavy lifting work, he does not ask for more, and still charges only 20$ an hour.

He also uses his truck to move some furniture for me, and it is still $20/hour and only add some gas fee!

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Finished on:10/4/2017
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