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by Jiahui W. (Company User | Ranking:Homeowner)
Last update on 04/17/2018  

Services Provided

Interior doors/molding/baseboard replacement. Living room flooring replacement (carpet -> laminate)

Experience and Good Comments

We reached out to Mr Ye based on very positive review for him. We were told he is only available 3 months later but surprisingly he told us one week later that he can work for us. The project started in hurry and was paused due to pre-planed vacation and unexpected conditions for a week, but finally finished 3 weeks later. We are overall satisfied with the outcome. The work is pretty clean is the pricing is good. Mr Ye also helped us delivered some of our purchases for free from Homedepot, which saves us a few hundred.

Not-So-Good Comments

1. Mr Ye doesn't read English and barely speak English. He obtained his experience from a team years ago and not aware of much latest industrial updates. For example, he doesn't know some hard flooring can be installed without nails or glu, if designed for click and installation. And when I asked him what is the pros/cons for oak flooring, he answered "nothing".
2. Mr Ye doesn't provide much recommendations/ideas. It sounds he only expects installation work. We did the measurement by ourselves for the flooring change and he would expect all the tools/materials are ready before project starts. It will be your fault if the materials are not enough because of bad measurement.
3. Mr Ye is money-making oriented. His pricing is good and that means he wants to complete projects as quickly as possible. Everything is in hurry. He didn't even realize our floor is made of concrete instead of wood before the flooring change started. And he wants to work late to like 7:30PM. Communication is very limited as well. Sometime I felt he expected his customers are experts with good knowledge, which I believe is not always true. He will blame you if you don't have materials ready when he is ready for the installation.

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Finished on:4/8/2018
Was Hired:Yes
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by calder w. (Company User | Ranking:Homeowner)
Last update on 08/02/2017  

Services Provided

Original: 卫生间扩建改造- 拆墙,装墙。接上下水管。安装瓷砖,大理石墙面和地板。 卫生间改造 - 打水泥地板接水管, 铺水泥,安装新浴缸。 厨房改造 - 安装橱柜,铺瓷砖,安装油烟机,安装煤气炉,水管,修改大理石。 铺地板,铺地毯,还底板,还夹层。 换窗户x6,换横拉门x2 制作火炉外观木架 电工拉线,安装新灯 房顶涂漆,修理 安装多出drywall,baseboard 安装地板,楼梯地板 装地板贴面 打洞装衣柜 + ETC

Translation by HHY: Bathroom remodeling - expand bathroom, new tiles, new floor, new bathtub
Kitchen remodeling - new cabinets, new range hood, new range, update granite countertop

Experience and Good Comments

Original: 100% Recommend




基本上从来没有听说过有这么好的装修师傅,到最后完工时,我们居然没有一点点为了装修而烦恼的事情,而是觉得认识了师傅非常幸运。 家里大门打算半年后还要还,肯定还是会叫叶师傅来帮我们来装。·


Translation by HHY: 100% Recommend

Our house needed big renovation before move-in. We planned for 2 months but Mr. Ye started late Jun and finished late July. We have been involved in the progress from end to end. Mr. Ye is very skilled and did very good job.

By the time the project was done there was nothing we needed to ask him to redo/fix. We will ask Mr. Ye to replace our entry door in future

Strongly recommend Mr. Ye.;

Not-So-Good Comments


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Finished on:7/31/2017
Was Hired:Yes
Recommended: Yes
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