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Last update on 06/22/2016  

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Overall very happy with the experience which I initially thought would be pretty stressful esp when we were the first time buyer and didn't know the terminology/jargons/details of the mortgage process.

We were referred to Cameron by a friend and had our pre-approval through him. That was quick! I called him, he sent me email with list of required docs, sent those and had the pre-approval same day (in 3-4 hours)

And during the actual loan as well Cameron was very responsive and took time to explain everything in detail about what we are doing, what the next steps are, what my options are, what would his recommendation be and why etc. We had aggressive timeline of closing in 30 days and with Cameron we did it in 25 days!

There is also $500 gift card post-closing for MSFT.

Not-So-Good Comments

The only thing which is not specific to Cameron - my agent told that Wells Fargo has conservative set of appraisers and I experienced that. My home was not appraised to the value I was expecting while a very similar house was appraised 15k above by First Tech during that time (Info disclosed by my agent)

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