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2041 148th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007
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Home Lockout Service

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The scheduling was fine. Called them in the afternoon and they sent someone in a couple of hrs. However the experience was bad

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A retired age guy came and he didn't look friendly. He looked at the lock (kwikset)and said that it was not easy. If he opened the door I would need to replace the whole lock and the door might get damaged. He suggested looking at opening any window. I asked him to open the garage window. At the beginning I friendly asked him if he needed gloves in case he got injured. He seemed not happy for that. It took him quite a few minutes to open the window but he broke the window instead of taking it off. He also got a minor cut as I could predict. During the process he became impatient and moaned for whatever I couldn't hear clearly. He was very unfriendly and not polite when I asked him if it was ok. I also helped supporting the glass.

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Finished on:7/3/2015
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