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825 S Stacy St, Seattle, WA 98134
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Furnace Maintenance

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My furnace is pretty old so I called them because they did it last time. One technician came, did the maintenance work and left a report about what has been inspected and what are the recommendations. They recommended replacing the furnace since it is pretty old(24 yrs old). If I don't want to replace it they also listed the parts (capacitor, inducer motor and pilot) and the price for each item I should consider replacing. I think that it is good to do a checkup every a few years if it is an old furnace. One interesting thing for this checkup is that they provide better price if I go through home depot.

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    Provided Services: -Service & Repair ALL brands and types of equipment -Installation of new system -Maintenance -Replace, upgrade or even add a new heating or air conditioning system -Duct Cleaning -Electrical -Insulation
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