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Residential and Commercial Evictions

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The staff at EvictaQuick work to bring about the quickest, most reasonable solution to resolve landlord-tenant conflicts at a minimum cost. Every eviction is decided by the Judge in the Superior Court of the county where the tenant is renting property. Most tenants will seek advice from a tenant union, or free attorney, when served with an Eviction Summons. It is very important that all procedures are done correctly to ensure a trouble free court hearing. A properly served initial notice (s) is very important.

You have full control throughout the process, When the proper steps have been followed, you will be able to proceed in Court against the Tenant. You may also delay the Court appearance for a reasonable time. The Attorney is consulted and referred based on Tenant's location, and the type of case. You will pay the Attorney for His time in Court and Court filing fees /costs only if the case goes to Court.

In some cases, the Attorney may recommend an immediate filing of show cause. This means you pay the attorney to file the case immediately; then a summons and complaint + an order to appear [show cause] will be served upon the tenant. This can save a week's time in the process. The entire process can take between 10-24 days, variables such as holidays and winter weather can increase this time frame.

After the Attorney goes to court, and obtains the Judgment (Writ of Restitution), the Sheriff will red tag the property on the next business day. This tag is the Sheriff's 3 day notice to the Tenant that the Sheriff will physically evict.

You should contact (call) the Sheriff the next business day after court and make an appointment to meet at the property, a contact phone number will be available after court.

Be sure to stop at the Court Clerk's counter after court and ask for a certified copy of the writ of restitution, the Sheriff may require you to show it at the time of physical eviction. An instruction sheet for a sheriff's eviction is available at court; it is important to follow all of the rules and suggestions, to ensure the physical eviction is not re-scheduled. Please call us for tips about physical evictions.

Our Attorneys handle eviction and real estate law cases in all Puget Sound counties, other counties by request. They are experienced with Evictions and are in Eviction Court nearly everyday. After the tenant has been served summons; or six attempts have been made on different days, the case may be taken directly to Court, along with other cases. A properly served summons is ready for court in 8-14 days. The Attorney receives the case file fully prepared for court, there is no need for the Attorney to put your case in queue for processing.

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