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13814 NE 16th St, Bellevue, WA 98005
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Provided Services

Concrete Foundations
Post and Pier Foundations
Crawl Space Drainage System
Sump Pump System
Water & Sewer Lines
Basement Water Proofing
Downspouts Footing Drain
Yard & Site Drain
Water Damage Restoration
Plumbing Services

Business Description

Wu Construction Inc, Drainage & Foundation Services specializes in drainage and foundation systems construction and repair. Since its founding in 1983, our company has striven to provide quality service and reasonable prices to our customers.
Over the past 30 years, we have successfully completed thousands of projects for homeowners and businesses in the greater Seattle area. We are well regarded by our customers and have received much applause and appreciation for our speedy responses to inquiries and the outstanding efficiency and quality of work.

Our drainage group specializes in building standing water elimination in crawl spaces, yard drain, basement waterproofing, and side sewer repair and replacement. Our foundation crews specialize in building strong concrete foundations or repairing those damaged from settling or cracking. We also construct post and pier foundations and repair those damaged by moisture or insects.

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Expensive with subpar quality Read more
by Lily M. (Trusted Group User | Ranking:Homeowner)
Last update on 04/28/2017  

Services Provided

Hardwood floors, Crawl space cleaning and insulation, wall and ceiling painting

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Best price ever for the good quality Read more
by XI J. (Trusted Group User | Ranking:Senior Homeowner)
Last update on 12/07/2016  

Services Provided

Clean up crawlspace. Seal leaking concrete wall. French drain. Install 1/3 HP sump pump.

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Recommended: Yes
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good price but ok quality. Need to keep close eye on itRead More
by Xianjun Z. (Trusted Group User | Ranking:Homeowner 2)
Last update on 09/26/2016  

Services Provided

Clean crawl Space, install new vapor and floor insulation, repalce broken insulation on pipeline

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Recommended: Yes
Views: 3410+

33 years experience could not produce a simple drawing of the pipe. Read more
by jeff z. (Trusted Group User | Ranking:Homeowner)
Last update on 06/12/2016  

Services Provided

Replacement of the sewage pipe outside the house

Review Rating:
Recommended: No
Views: 3500+

Quick, Professional, Friendly Read more
by LEI Z. (Trusted Group User | Ranking:Homeowner)
Last update on 02/11/2016  

Services Provided

Water Main Line Replacement (Outdoor Meter to House)

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Recommended: Yes
Views: 4000+

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