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Repair Service Billing Rates: Aside from backflow testing and winterizing all repair services are billed by the man hour. Repair trucks run either a 1 or 2 person crew and the 1st hour of service is billed at 1 hour with 1 man, or ½ hour with 2 men. The first man hour, (or our minimum charge) varies by service and is in most cases about $15.00 more than subsequent billing hours. The additional cost of the 1st hour of service helps to cover transportation costs. Additional labor is billed per person at a lower rate per hour then the first hour. As of June 1st 2014 the 1st hour of billing for most services is billed at $74.95 and additional hours are billed at $58.00 per man
Provided Services: Sprinkler Systems Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems Water Features Backflow Testing & Repair Exterior Leak Detection Water Service Line Repair or Replacement.
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