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by Mengdong Y. (Company User | Ranking:Senior Homeowner)
Last update on 10/03/2022  

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remove 4 large trees

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Came to do an estimate before project start. Got the project done in two days. $2500 of the cost is for hauling away the tree (cheaper if left on site- which does not work for me). They also charged to prepare the permit application to city for you, which I didn't do. I prepared my own application which requires me to plant replacement tree later (I was asked to plant 11). If they file the application, they can file in a way that doesn't require you to plant replacements. the service includes grinding two stumps on the front yard to make the landscape look nice. the other two trees are on the side yard which I don't care, so no stump grinding purchased.

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Finished on:5/17/2022
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