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Last update on 11/18/2021  

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Horrible customer service
Review of CD Paver Management Project – September 2021
We had a good relationship with CD Paver management when the project started. After they finished their work, we called and told them that they did a decent job and we saw small issues on the corner. It took more than 2 weeks to fix, and the manager Cary called and talked to us with yelling and hang the phone on us. With tiresome back and forth they fixed and finalized the project. Their customer service is really horrible. One person promises something, and another person come and say completely different thing.

After 1 month and 2 weeks we saw weeds in my pavement (see pictures). Since we have lifetime warranty, we sent them picture, we called and talk to them. As usual they tried and said different things. we asked them to send someone, removed the weed and put more sand. But they offered us to buy a bag of sand and drop home to us. They also send us a picture of Home Depot product that we can use to clean the weeds. Since I’m not very satisfied, I told them as I will leave my feedback and Cary called and threatening me by saying “if you write a bad comment, I will sue you”.

I don’t have any intention to hurt his business. I was very patient with him not writing anything and trying to work out the issue. I would have written the feedback when he hanged up the phone on the first time. But I didn’t do it, with the hope he would learn from his mistake and be a better person. However, he keeps doing the same thing. I shouldn’t be treated like this for $12K project. I wish I didn’t have any relationship with this company and want to share my experience if this protects others from frustration.

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Horrible customer service

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