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Last update on 01/15/2021  

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Remove a leaning tree which is 16 to 20 feet

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I have a tree (phonia shrub) in the backyard. It was damaged by the wind and rain. The root was damaged partially. The tree has a lot of branches.
I hired one certified arborist to evaluate the situation of the tree. He said we have to remove the tree. No permit is needed as this is a shrub. They asked for $1400 to remove it.
I bid two tree service providers. One is $500 and the other is $575. I called Hitman and we finished the bid by uploading some pictures. The bid is $405 plus tax.
They came on time. Mike (the owner) climbed up the tree to cut down the branches. They are pretty decent in cleaning up the cut down branches. Even if the branch falls into the backyard of our neighborhood, they use the rope to get it out.
They also use rope to make sure the big branch will fall in the right place.
They do not do the root grinding. They cut the root as lower as possible.
They finished the job in 100 minutes.
The most amazing thing is they cleaned up the leaves left on the way as well. It is pretty clean after they finished everything.

Not-So-Good Comments

Not for this one. However, please pay attention they will not be responsible for asking the tree removal permit for you. You need to take care yourself. For this one, it is OK as I already got the information from another arborist

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Finished on:1/13/2021
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