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Last update on 09/16/2020  

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A residential rental property agent

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If I can give Damian Husak a negative rating, I will not hesitate to do so.
I wish I had seen the previous complaints of Damian Husak so my wife and I would absolutely not submit our application and paid the screening fees as we were trying to rent a residential property in Kirkland recently, which Damian serves as a leasing agent.
Damian didn’t appear when we tour the rental property so we were self-touring, it was understandable during the pandemic. He is slow on responding to our questions if he responses and things got worse after we submitted the application and received the notice of acceptance from Damian. During the period while we were waiting for the lease and asking about the information of the property and the landlord, he said” if you’re too concerned, we can move on to a different tenant.” And “the landlords won’t sign the lease in person, but name matches of property title will be provided”.
We received the lease at 10 am on Tuesday from Damian and we asked again for name matches and related information of the lease, he threatened us to sign the lease by end of the day, otherwise, he will reject our application. Without any further communication with us, he rejected our application at 11 am. When we asked for an adverse action notice which is regulated in the Washington State law, he just ignored the request and didn’t respond again.
I hardly imagine such a person can work well with anyone else, not to mention serving as a leasing agent. Though we lost $98 dollars, fortunately, we see this guy through and learn a lesson. I strongly urge anyone who sees these negative recommendations of Damian Husak DO NOT consider dealing with him. No tenants should suffer from his terrible manners, passiveness, and illegal behaviors.

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