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Last update on 09/11/2020  

Services Provided

multiple legal services provided, resolving issues on HOA, Real Estate, and Wills/Estate planning

Experience and Good Comments

Michele is very knowledgeable with 17 years legal experience in different focus area. My 1st case was a legal issue with my HOA, she went to every details of the bylaws and regulation and comes up with a solution that all parties are happy with. I am very impressive that she even consult her peers to get 2nd opinion. Then I have her helped me with multiple issues including real estate and Wills, estate planning, all goes above and beyond! She is in legal insurance network, so you don't need to worry about the cost.

Not-So-Good Comments

if you are time constraint , she might not be super fast if she has too many cases at hand at that time.

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Finished on:6/5/2020
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