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Last update on 02/07/2020  

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Pressure wash front sidewalk and driveway

Experience and Good Comments

My luck is running high today. I should go and buy a Lotto ticket! I came home from an errand and Allen was pressure washing my neighbor's driveway. I could tell he was doing a great job so I paid closer attention. After a while, I came out and asked if he'd be interested in doing mine. We struck a deal and he did a super job! That is why my luck is running high today. Allen is the kind of guy who we, as homeowners, need to know. Reading his website, I see he does a lot more than pressure washing. I will hang onto his card and definitely call him again. Thank you, Allen, for the job you did here today. It was a pleasure meeting you and I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for someone who is professional, hard working, friendly, and knowledgeable. I'll see you again!

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Finished on:2/6/2020
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