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Absolutely do not trust this guy if you are planning on buying a home based on his inspection. A blind infant could have done a better job. Not only were several blatantly obvious things missed (interior doors were not attached to the hinges, garage door was off the tract, sink was clogged and backing up after running it for less than 10 seconds, etc.) but he actually fraudulently marked items as inspected and functioning that were not. These are only a few examples of the issues that I actually know about...What other things did he miss or fraudulently mark that I don't know about yet? I highly recommend doing your homework and finding someone who is actually knowledgeable and has integrity so you can save yourself the heartache and headache. If you listen to nothing else that I've said and choose to move forward with this inspector, listen to this - take the time out of your day to be present for the inspection so you make sure he actually does his job. Lesson learned the hard way.

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We would have absolutely negotiated pricing differently based on all the issues that have come about in our home (that Matt somehow missed). Unfortunately, there is little we can do now.

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