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Last update on 09/28/2019  

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Sweep leaves this fall. Tree/bush trimming last fall.

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Enormous leaves in fall used to a huge headache to us, thanks to a few big trees in our backyard.

This year we hired Allen for the entire fall to take care of the leaves. Today is the first day, and Allen did a magnificent job. He worked for more than one hour and carefully cleaned leaves everywhere: lawn, under trees, inside bushes, etc. He collected all leaves and put into the organic container. Super clean. Right now it is definitely the cleanest moment ever in our yard! And the price is very reasonable!

Also in last fall, we hired Allen to do a whole trimming for all the trees and bushes. Again, Allen devoted significant efforts on the job in a professional and dedicated way. All trees/bushes were trimmed as expected. Allen cut all branches into small sticks and made them easier to be collected. The job was done in a so clean way. Again, reasonable price!

Hiring Allen is the best decision we can make for our yard work. We are very happy and definitely want to continue to work with him.

Highly recommended!

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