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Last update on 07/17/2019  

Services Provided

tune up and repair sprinklers and maintenance on irrigation system, and "turning it on" each Spring, "winterizing it" each Winter, and "back flow testing" annually.

Experience and Good Comments

Aquasense consistently solves sprinkler head problems for me (whenever needed as a customer for over a decade), and today Dan went above and beyond. A gusher was buried over 12" down near a tree, and Dan persevered to find the broken sprinkler head through a maze of thick roots. Thank you, Dan. Every winter, Aquasense winterizes the system. Every spring, I have them test my 7 zones and they repair if needed on the spot. They also do the required "backflow test" for the water district. Recommend them HIGHLY.

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Finished on:7/17/2019
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