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Water leakage detection underground

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We got a huge water bill, the water usage was around 5 per cycle, and we got 88 so apparently something is leaking. We checked toilet, faucets, appliances and nothing obviously was found.

We searched for some companies on yelp, and experiences with this company was awesome. The owner Michael Fend responded really quickly, and scheduled for the service, within a week’s time.

His method is exactly what listed on his website, with pictures, and what’s on youtube. Amazingly no digging was involved, he pumped some gas into one of the faucets and has equipment to detected around the yard where the gas is leaked, and flagged it. The whole process lasted 1 hour 10 minutes.

We called our plumber, and after digging in the flagged place, we saw water shooting out. It was right on place. And our plumber replaced that part of pipe, put dirt back. No more leaks after that.

As a comparison, 2 other companies we contacted:
1. Zesbro Plumbing,
We called them and left a message, but no one respond after 24 hours, so we called them again. The 2nd time someone picked up the phone and asked for details via email. No response in 2 days after the email, so we emailed again to ask. They finally respond after 3 days, with an estimation of $2800-$3300, with no break down of the costs.

2. LeakMasters.net
We called them and left a message, some called that afternoon, really quickly. He asked for my address and said he was doing a business around and would swing by to take a look and give me a quote.
He didn’t show up that day, so I called the next day. He answered the phone and said again he would come that day to take a look, and again he never showed up.

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