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by Larry H. (Company User | Ranking:Homeowner)
Last update on 06/04/2019  

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Removed a big fir tree grow out of the patio.

Experience and Good Comments

Mike and his crew are amazing!!! This is the first time I use their service and I'm super satisfied with their work. I have a deck built around a big fir tree and all my other bid are based on a full day of work to zip down all branches/trunk (in order to protect the deck). Some of the tree companies are even reluctant to take the work because of the challenge. Mike and his crew came onsite without talking about any difficulties and got the work done only in few hours (thus charge a lot less then others). They not only zip down all branches/carry down trunks, but also cleaned my yard (deck, drive way, roof, debris fallen on nearby trees) and even my neighbors yard. The work was done clean and professionally. I was surprised by their expertise and highly recommend anyone to give them a try! I would definitely use them again in the future.

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Not any

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Finished on:6/4/2019
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