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Last update on 05/22/2019  

Services Provided

We hired Horizon Landscaping to clean up our yard, spread weed blocker and gravels on pathway around the house.

Experience and Good Comments

The gravel pathway looked good and we were happy we didn't need to worry about weeds on the pathway anymore. Overall we were glad how the yard came out and agreed to take on their annual maintenance starting April.

However, they did not show up and did not reply to our email, so we eventually sent an email saying we would find someone else. They replied to that email immediately and explained they had a labor shortage and should be able to start in May. We sent an email to confirm at the beginning of May and were told they had arranged to work on our yards either Wednesdays or Thursdays. Well, three weeks later there was still no sign of them. They probably never meant to come.

We noticed some weeds came out in part of the pathway soon after they finished. We thought it might be by chance at the beginning. However as more and more weeds grew in surrounding area, we got curious and dug into the pathway. Sure enough there was no weed blocker under the weedy area. Roughly one third of the total pathway did not have weed blocker.

If you have to hire them, make sure you have a plan for their not showing up; make sure to write down what needs to be done in detail and make sure no corners were cut.

Not-So-Good Comments

They tend to not keep their own words; they were dishonest.

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Finished on:3/13/2019
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