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Fix the dishwasher

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My Whirlpool dishwasher's spray arm stopped spinning suddenly. I tried some simple troubleshooting and suspected the motor went bad. The dishwasher has been bought for 2 years and it was out of warranty. I called Whirlpool that nothing can be covered for the fix.
I submitted a ticket on the E&T web site and all communication was by email.
He said the diagnostics fee is $75. If I go with the repair, the diagnostics fee will be carried over. If I end up buying a new one, the diagnostics fee could also be carried over to the new installation. The flat new installation fee is 180 including the haul-away. (Note here: In the Washington state, only licensed person is allowed to install the dishwasher. Home depot will charge you $90 installation fee plus $20 haul-away fee. Costco does not provide the installation service for the Washington state resident. )
I checked Home Depot that the exact same model is around $650. Therefore, I asked him to come in to diagnose. He gave me two hour window to come and he came in time. He spent 10 minutes in troubleshooting the problem and confirmed the motor went bad. The repair cost was $350. He let me decide if I would go with a new one or just repair it. I decided to repair it as I will not get any benefit by purchasing a new one with the same model.
We scheduled another day. He came in. He replaced the motor and it worked. He ran several cycles to make sure everything is good. Their warranty is 90 days.

Not-So-Good Comments

The repair cost is high to me. However, this is not their fault while this is the common issue in US. Buying a new one or fixing the old one is a tricky decision sometimes. Next time, when I upgrade to a new dishwasher, I probably consider buying some extended warranty

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