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Last update on 03/28/2019  

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Partially fixed the water leak and then left!

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The serviceman is a liar. He came in unprepared, without bringing any necessary parts, and it happened I had the shutoff valve in the house and used it and only later told me that there is no warranty on the service. The serviceman fixed part of the shutoff valve leak but didn't fix the water/ice line leak for the fridge, so the serviceman left with the water line still disconnected and said will come back another day to charge more to fix it. The serviceman also charged incredibly high for the partial work and repair he did. I called their support line and the main office, the lady picked up the phone is clueless and doesn't know how to resolve the problem. This is the worst and most horrible service I had in my life. Avoid this plumbing service!

Not-So-Good Comments

The serviceman came in unprepared, work is not complete, partially done yet charged the full fee. Terrible attitude, lying about the warranty!

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Finished on:3/27/2019
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