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repaint recently painted interior walls with better paint

Experience and Good Comments

I remodeled my house a couple years ago. The paint on the interior walls was terrible. A flat paint, it marked at the slightest touch of anything and wiping made paint come off on the microfiber cloth. I couldn’t live with that paint. So I decided to get all of the interior walls repainted.

In my original email"I completely remodeled my rambler in 2016 and I hate the interior paint that was used. It goes with the modern style but it marks very easily. I want to explore getting the interior completely repainted with a more sturdy paint."
Travis's bid: $7,480 includes 4 man hours of baseboard touchups. 2 year warranty. Travis recommended this paint cloverdalepaint.com/
Bid 2: $4,975.00 including any repairs. 2 year warranty. The recommended paint is Benjamin Moore Ben Interior Eggshell
Bid 3: $3636.11 plus any drywall repair at $50/hr. 3 year warranty

I am very aesthetically oriented. During the walk-through with Travis to discuss the job requirements, I pointed out a few things that I wanted corrected with the new paint job. Travis said that his guys have very high standards and quality of work, and there would be no problem to correct them. As in, it went without saying that his guys would do a better job. In fact, Travis made several dismissive comments about the job that my contractor's painter had done. Travis said that if any of his guys had done that, he'd have made them redo the work until it met Travis's standards. Based only on what Travis was telling me, I came away with the belief that Travis's crew almost walked on water in their painting ability and quality standards.

When I pointed out to Travis that his price was a lot higher than the other two bids I received, his response was: "Regarding the price, I really don't concern myself with other competitors prices... What I do is look at the project and listen to the customer and then ascertain how long I believe it will take to give the customer what they want with the products they want. I know you have a great eye for detail, and I appreciate that. That also means that we will need to take the right amount of time to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations."

I decided to pay the MUCH higher price to get the high quality that I want--the ONLY reason I went with Travis. BIG MISTAKE! I spent A TON of money and got ZERO IMPROVEMENT on the original paint job. The paint that Travis strongly recommended as washable MARKS JUST AS EASILY as the original paint! Marks don't wash off with water, even slightly soapy water. I called manufacturer for help because Travis never gave me any. I have to use a TSP dilution to remove marks, then wipe that off with clean water. This is HORRIBLE paint! An example: first responders in black uniforms kneeling with backs against the wall left swaths of black coloration.

Not-So-Good Comments

Travis's crew's attention to detail is not nearly as stellar as Travis thinks. They left things as finished, that definitely were not, some very obviously not. I had to point these out to the crew. Additionally, someone dripped on a closet door, and did not wipe it up, so it dried there. That door--which was not part of the job--had to be completely sprayed again, on the final of what were (too) many visits to my house to finish the job.

Travis overpromised and his crew underdelivered. The expectations that he set for me were inappropriately high. Travis also was not as involved as he told me that he would be. I was to communicate with him, and he would tell the crew. So I'd explain very clearly to Travis what had been done and what still needed to be done. That never got communicated to the crew.

I will never know Travis was as frustrated as I was at the end of the job because Travis stopped communicating with me. I NEVER GOT A WARRANTY, even after asking twice. I paid in full. In Travis's case, you don't get what you pay for.

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