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Last update on 09/15/2018  

Services Provided

Roof moss cleaning Roof moss prevention Gutter cleaning Gutter simple repair

Experience and Good Comments

My roof has not been cleaned for several years and there are some mosses on one side. The gutter was also filled with some debris and there is one end which is loose.
The quote and negotiation process is actually not efficient in my opinion. You are not able to make just one call to finish all the quotes quickly as only the representative handled the call. They are unable to determine the price for you. You need to go through the emails to get some accurate quotes. It seems only owner can settle down the price and their reply is not quite fast. Usually they reply once a day or two days. If you need more clarification such as sending some photos to him, this will take more time.
The came to my house twice. The first time they focused on some simple cleanup and spread the moss prevention on the roof. It took around 1.5 hour to finish the job. They also fixed the gutter. The person determined they need a second visit as the moss was thick.
They came for the second time one week later. This time, it was the owner who came directly. He did the job very carefully and cleaned all the mosses on the roof. He also cleaned the stuff which were dropped to the deck and the ground. It took him more than three hours to finish the job.
They came to the house on time. They will call you before coming.
Their final price is exactly the same as their quotes. No additional fee.

Not-So-Good Comments

The quote and negotiation process is not efficient. It took me around two weeks to settle down the final price and the job.

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