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Last update on 08/31/2018  

Services Provided

Roof cleaning , moss removal and moss control

Experience and Good Comments

I had contacted a few roof cleaning services and find Eric to be the person who is willing to gather additional info and show you the detailed plan and offer competitive price. Eric is very responsive and open through out the email communication, I feel Eric is very nice, responsive and professional.

He cares about your roof and will explain in details how he would carry out the cleaning. Eric is also willing to offer a very competitive price for my neighbor and me both, even it was due to some miscommunication in the email thread.

My daughter got so fascinated watching Eric washing the roof, it was such a sharp contrast between the area he washed clean and the area that remains. He clean up many detailed corner areas as well and applies moss treatment and made recommendations even for future DIY plan. He cleaned up all the debris afterwards and very gentle to not disturb our family during the cleaning. Eric is very nice and professional overall !

I would highly recommend Eric!

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Finished on:8/31/2018
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