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For Service Provider: Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service - Seattle

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Last update on 08/14/2018  

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The service provider was not hired.

Experience and Good Comments

Scheduled same-day on-site evaluation on Sunday. They wouldn't give estimation beforehand for my clogged kitchen sink.

A guy showed with impatient face, took a glance then started to ask for 430+tax for "basic service without liquid solution after unclogging". After negotiation he said 430+tax-30, (which is also weird, why do I pay tax for the discounted part? I suspect they play trick with tax too). We said it's too expensive, then he left immediately with one words "that's the best we can do. Goodbye." then SLAMMED my front door!

2 minutes later he knocked my door and said he called his boss with new offer 350+tax (who would believe that BS? I bet it's the standard trick they are playing all the time). We said no again, and he left with single word "Goodbye" and disappeared in no time.

1 day later, I got good service from Bob Oats with promised-phone-quote 250+tax. Not sure if it's a good deal, but much better than Roto-Rooter, regarding both price and attitude.

Clogged sink already means a bad day. Don't let them make it worse.

Not-So-Good Comments

Overpriced and Rude!

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