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Last update on 06/05/2018  

Services Provided

refinished old hardwood floor, install new hardwood floor, remove old carpet and install new carpet, remove old ceramic tile and install new ceramic tile

Experience and Good Comments

Quoted 3 places, Jay provided the best price, quickest available date and very flexible schedule. Easy communicate, quick response, give us several options and good suggestions. He is quite honest as well, and is responsible to pay for things damaged by his workers.

Not-So-Good Comments

Jay provides the materials, but in general, don't have very good control on his workers.
- The workers started the work in our house, and promised to finish in 10 days. After 5 days, they disappeared and Jay could not get into contact with them either. After 4 days of no contact, the head workers contacedt me and said they apologize that they had another job which is more urgent than mine, so they decided to do that one first, they will resume my work in 3 days. Then they kept delaying for another week, and finally finished my house with a week's delay.
- The workers scratched off several newly painted area during carpet installation. I request my painter to come back to re-do the touch up. But Jay is willing to pay for the painter touch up.
- The workers damaged 1 closet door, and 1 interior door could not be closed after they remove it and put it back. They fixed it after we found it out. The closet door is wood chipped off, and they glued it back. So it is not as good as before, hope it could last long.
- Hardwood floor has scratches and cracks on 5-6 area. They did come to do touch up on them.
- One piece of ceramic is probably cracked during cutting, and they still installed it. After we found it out, they come to knock it off and reinstall a new piece.

Overall, there are several problems. The workers are nice and responsible, but quite rough, and not super professional. You need to be careful yourself and make the request.

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Finished on:5/24/2018
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