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Roof replacement

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I contacted FirstChoice roof service through thumbtack. They are very quick to get out a bid and very fast on getting replies. I waited a while to contact them back in last September and they agreed to provide a discounted price with a late start date (late Sep). But the project hasn't started until the end of Nov as the weather is not good (rainy or windy). However even though there were sunny days in between, they didn't come and I had to call them to check whether they came or not. The guy named Shaun was very impatient in the end and he was yelling in the phone as I called him again and again to urge him to start the project. I asked him why he didn't come last Friday and it was sunny but he said he didn't know it was sunny (clearly a lie). He admitted that replacing roof in winter is like that and that's why he gave out a discounted price. But i was not told when he gave me the price. Overall, they finished the project very quickly once they started, and quality is good as for now.

Not-So-Good Comments

Shaun the service owner was not patient.

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Finished on:11/30/2017
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