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Last update on 04/29/2018  

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Repair a broken water pipe and connect with a new hose bib (garden faucet)

Experience and Good Comments

I was trying to repair my garden faucet, but it was so old such that I had to replace the entire hose bib. I thought that I could just unscrew it with force, but broke the entire pipe off. I then went down to the crawl space and could see some water leaking from the supposedly broken pipe that's inside the wall.

It was on a Saturday evening and my house would be without water with my wife and two kids if not repaired, so I immediately called Beacon Plumbing for help.

Mike Sullivan and Mario Miranda arrived within 40 minutes, and were able to quickly devise a plan to fix. They were also very experienced and could quickly identify where to drill a hole inside the house to get to the broken pipe. They got the entire thing repaired professionally within 30 minutes. They also gave me great advice about the water irrigation system that I was planning to build. I was so glad that they were here to save the weekend for my family and the house.

Not-So-Good Comments

Price may not be the best.

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Finished on:4/28/2018
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