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Last update on 03/27/2018  

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New granite counter top in kitchen

Experience and Good Comments

Beware! Its a ripoff. They lied at time of bid it was their crew.
Installers are NOT employees of Granite Mill
No L&I records for liability insurance. If they get injured on your property, you may be responsible. That's a HUGE liability.
No one will tell me who the installers work for.
The template was done by 2 inexperienced people.
Brought out the slabs for install. One was cut wrong and could not be installed. The other shattered to pieces as they in the driveway.
Came back 4 days later. Cut both slabs to size in the kitchen and on the deck. Took no measures to contain the dust. Whole house covered in granite dust which is similar to asbestos.
The job is terrible. Out of square and terrible seam. The slabs can not be saved, must remove and remake. The owner Josef Larsson just blames the cabinets and will not take them away. I have filed complaints with L&I, Attorney General and hired an attorney.
Boy is this fun or what??????

Not-So-Good Comments

Installers are nice people but are not trained or experienced.
Owner Josef Larson just wants the money, and to hell with you.
We are still without a usable kitchen 2 weeks after first install atempt.

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Finished on:3/26/2018
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