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Last update on 09/17/2017  

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Fix the broken torsion spring of the garage door

Experience and Good Comments

One of the torsion springs of my garage door was broken. I called three companies to ask for the price and available date.
Best Built door's quote is 275 and they can come in two days.
Distributed Door's quote is 265 but they are available later next week.
National door's quote is 299 and their available date is even later.
I chose Best Built door balancing the price and the available date.
Their promised service window is 10 to 12. They called me around 12 saying they are on the way to my home in half an hour. They arrived around 12:50. A young person quickly replaced two torsion springs. The old person told me the original spring was not good at the quality and they replaced it with a higher quality. Their spring's warranty is 5 years and he said it should last for more than 10 years usual. He also examined the overall of the garage door and lubricate it. Another important thing he did is to adjust the pressure of the garage door to set it to the lightest level. Setting a higher pressure could damage the door. I tried the door could be opened and closed very smoothly. The price is exactly what they quoted plus tax.
They did not oversell anything to me. This is also good. (I used National door for another repair two years ago and the person kept selling me something else.)

Not-So-Good Comments

The only thing I would complain is they are the way later than their promised window and forced me to wait for a whole morning. The good thing is they called me around 12. I understand this could happen if their first job spent more time.

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Finished on:9/16/2017
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