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by Zhongpeng L. (Company User | Ranking:Senior Homeowner)
Last update on 08/06/2017  

Services Provided

Clean the roof and gutter cover, moss treatment

Experience and Good Comments

I decided to clean our roof and gutter cover in late fall last year when the leaves from the maple trees were all gone. So I called several roof service providers to give me a quote. Master Butler gave me the most competitive price. However, Tom suggest to do the cleaning and moss treat in summer for better result and price. I believe this is an honest advice, as most contractors would convince their clients to do the work as soon as possible. So I decided to postpone the cleaning until this summer.

When the summer came, I made an appointment with Tom. He came with an helper. They blew the debris off the roof, cleaned the area where debris fell, and sprayed 4 canisters of moss killer. The work is done in an hour. Before Tom left, he gave me some advice about what I should watch out, as our roof is very old.

Not-So-Good Comments

To my surprise, Tom did not open the gutter cover to clean the gutter. I guess that's why the price is much lower than other companies. Although he said our gutter cover was one of the best ones, opening it would defeat the purpose of gutter covers, I still feel a bit worry about small debris may accumulate over years under the gutter cover. I actually opened the part of the gutter cover around our deck last year, and found quite a lot of debris in the gutter, although not enough to clog the gutter.

Three weeks after spraying the moss killer, the moss is still green. Not sure when they will die.

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Finished on:7/13/2017
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