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Original: 人比较好,打电话和邮件问问题的时候回答仔细么也比较耐心。因为我的房子屋顶面积大,加上很久没清理,所以工作量大些,价格会高不少。
主要工作事清理roof,清理moss,并简单的做了roof moss prevention,他说这种防止长moss的东西可能只管几个月,还告诉我需要的话自己几个月就可以做一次,这样不需要请人,可以省钱。
Thank you for considering a bid from my company.
I've looked at your home on Google maps. Because the roof type is metal, the cost would be a bit higher than for a comparable sized composition roof. It would be $650.00 as a cash price.
What is it that you are trying to have cleaned off the roof? The pricing is based on the worst case.

For roof, the main stuff I think would be moss cleaning and control.
I have some more questions:
1.Could you give me the price if I only do gutter cleaning
2.Do you clean moss manually or use some chemicals?
3.The price you are saying it’s the worst case, could you give me a range from normal price to worst case?

1) $215.00
2) Manually clean with a safe amount of pressure. I could use chemicals but it would not lower the price, and any debris on the roof would still need to be washed off with light pressure during wet weather, or I could use my leaf blower during dry weather. The other issue is safety. If the roof has not been cleaned in a while and the algae has created an undoubtedly slippery condition, I would not be able to get on the roof unless I were to clean my way onto and off the roof. In the summer it's not quite the same situation as walking around on a dry warm roof doesn't have the same hazards as a wet slippery roof.
3) The difference in price would be if I came out to simply blow off dry debris with my leaf blower and clean the gutters it would be $285.00. That would not involve any moss removal which takes friction of some kind, be at brushing or gently pressure washing. I certainly can apply a moss killer to the roof and that would run $95. The purpose of that would be to kill the moss but removal in the removal rate would be up to Mother Nature.

Another option would be to simply clear the gutters at this point and wait until warmer weather to blow off the roof and apply a moss treatment if needed. I guess part of the process would involve the motivation for having the work done. For instance if you are putting the home on the market then it will obviously need to be clean sooner than later. Another situation I run into occasionally is insurance companies telling their customer that they need to have the roof cleaned off in order to continue coverage. If your situation is just of cosmetic concern then the priority it seems would be clearing the gutters. I'm certainly happy to provide whatever level of service you need.

Translation by HHY: Very nice people and they answered my phone call and emails with patience and provided details. My roof is big and it has not been cleaned up for quite a while so the price reflected that.

I copied my email here so people who have not never done roof/gutter cleaning before can read.

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