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Last update on 12/19/2016  

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Moving 2 bedroom apt.

Experience and Good Comments

I made the appointments 2 weeks ago and they came on time at the expected time. I am living in a 2-bedroom apt alone so my stuff should be close to a 1-bedroom client, maybe a little more. I packed all my stuff and disassembled my bed/ bookcase/ desk.

There were 2 middle-aged men. The older one was professional, experienced, and fast. The younger one was a bit slower, wandered around and organized in the trunk for some long time. They finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes. I didn't ask them to re-organize the furniture or remove all the wrap because that would take even longer time.

Their rate is $85 an hour, plus $43 service cost. What made me think they are not professional are:
1. The younger guy asked me for a private tip, and not let his partner know. I had hesitation, but still gave him that tip he asked for.
2. The older guy finally charged me 3 hours of service even though it really should be 2.75 hours, I didn't argue and still gave him some tip.

So based on the above experience, I ended up paying about $50 more, which kills their competitive price. However, they wrapped my furniture well and kept my new home clean.

Not-So-Good Comments

1. The younger mover asked me a tip in private.
2. The older mover charged more time.

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Finished on:12/18/2016
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