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Removing two trees

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Didn't like the idea to chop down two perfectly healthy 20 foot trees close to the front porch, so started seeking alternatives.

If the trees are of resale value and can be removed easily with proper machines then bigtrees.com is an option. Sadly, these didn't fall into that category and bigtrees.com was not interested.

So, posted in CG under the free section. There were atleast 6 parties who were interested and two visited, but were not equipped to handle the beasts.

I posted a $100 reward for anyone who will take them and give a new home. Suddenly couple of people of were interested (before the CG flaggers did their job to remove the advt) and the trees are gone..... YAH!

Lessons Learned and things which helped :

1. http://call811.com/ There is no alternatives for this. I did the correct process, but they failed to identify that the cable line was going thru the roots. Cable got disconnected at 9pm, I was able to patch the line and will post here on how Comcast handles the repair process.

2. Identify a decent "No Harm agreement" and get it signed before the job starts. It didn't add value for this project, but error on the safe side.

3. Take all the necessary precautions for posting on CG. It's not an option when meeting someone at your home.

4. Plan for project duration & end time. The jobs was finally done at 11:30pm. No surprise that the person who took the trees was a Project Manager for a construction company :) and was very sorry for time estimates.

5. Inform neighbors and make them hide their toys (ie cars). Nothing got damaged and was lucky to have nice neighbors who were understanding and moved their cars.

5. Tree removal is a big mess project. Plan sufficient time for cleanup. It rained before I got the opportunity to cleanup, so it's going to interesting cleanup story.

Update (Day 3 after Tree removal) : Comcast visited and fixed the cable connections. No further damage found. Didn't charge for visit.
Update (Day 5 after Tree removal): Comcast visited again and buried the cable.

Update (Comcast) : Internet constantly disconnected several times during the day. It took several calls to Comcast for them to be convinced to send someone. The tech who visited was very patient and replaced the wire which went thru the tree roots and all connections from the street to the modem. (he mentioned that if the cable was ever pinched then it causes issue with digital cable & internet) FINALLY : we have stable internet.

More pictures when time permits.

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