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Services Provided

Replace cedar roof with TL roof, replace skylight, install solar tube

Experience and Good Comments

Cesar is the owner of All professional Roofing.

We were not ready to get our roof replaced, but when our neighbor (a real estate agent, let's refer to him as REN) asked me if I was interested to join to get a group discount, couldn't refuse.

Keeping the history short, Cesar was very professional, gave us a very competitive quote for a group of 4 houses and was very patient during the weeks of negotiation. In the end, he didn't reduce his quote by even one dollar or change any of the conditions. The REN did majority of the homework on major and minor details (like which nails to use etc) and Cesar was actually particular on not using incorrect or low quality material. One big requirement was that the roofing will be scheduled when it won't rain and trust me it was very difficult to find a week when it won't rain in Seattle.

When we agreed to sign the contracts, the REN couldn't join (SO was traveling and couldn't decide on the roof color). Pricing & conditions remained the same.

Roofing material used :

1. Only one crew, so they are busy and completing the job takes longer. It took about 3.5-4 days to complete each house.
2. On the gallery page, all the 3 houses in the group are posted. Clue : All 3 houses have the same roof color and notice how they deliver shingles on the roof.
3. Crew cleanup the site every day and took away all the tools home.
4. They don't hire a huge dumpster and use a small truck to haul all the junk every day. So, no possible driveway damage or delay in pickup of the dumpster.
5. If inside work was needed (like installing solar tube in our case), only Cesar entered the house.
6. We had the roof inspected and 1-2 minor issues were found for each house. They were not anything major, but the inspection was for our satisfaction.
7. 50% payment was done when material was delivered (shingles on the roof on 2nd day) and it was directly to the supplier. 50% was done after the roof inspection.
8. One of the vent leaked 2 years later during the night and Cesar was on the roof by 10am next morning. The leak was linked to the heavy rain/winds and didn't leak again.

PS: The REN who couldn't join, hired another roofer and stopped the job after material was delivered. The REN finally hired Cesar and paid 15% over the earlier quote.

FEW tips if you are considering a roofing : Research on material and keep samples for reference. Hire a roof inspector to confirm install. Make sure that roofing is done when it doesn't rain. Replace the skylight. It possible ask neighbors to join for a better pricing. Pay the material supplier directly and with a cheque which can be tracked (PS: home owner is responsible if roofer doesn't pay the supplier). Get the gutters and the entire system cleaned after waiting for 1 year as the new roof can cause the system to clog.

Not-So-Good Comments

Slow work due to smaller crew, so takes longer to complete the job.

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