About HomeHomeYeah

What Is HomeHomeYeah

HomeHomeYeah is a web site built by homeowners like you from the ground up. It aims to be a trustworthy and free platform for homeowners.

You can find good service providers easily and quickly by adding service providers, writing useful reviews and joining your company group.

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate homeowners who happen to be software engineers. Over the years we have done many home projects. We often hired contractors, due to the busy nature of our profession. From our personal experience, we encountered several problems:

  • It is very hard to find reputable contractors.
  • There could be significant difference between different quotes. It is very easy to get ripped off if you are not experienced.
  • The whole process is time consuming and a lot of hassle

Simply put, we do not have the confidence to hire contractors and we tend to postpone improving our homes. This is just not right. So we set off to solve these problems. It might take long time but we are determined.

How Is HomeHomeYeah Unique

  Problems HomeHomeYeah
Yelp • Generic web site for generic public. Mainly focus on food, restaurants and so on.
• Reviews don't have info like when the service was done, service cost and so on.
• High fraud rate
• Built for homeowners and real estate investors. Focus on home services industry.
• Reviews are very structured and have rich info
• Much higher credibility due to homeowners groups
Angie's List • You need to pay to read & write reviews. It is a big myth that if you pay to write reviews they can be trusted. With the membership fee dropped to a few dollars per month the fraud reviews become much easier.
• Not reliable/trusted reviews. Top high rating contractors can be very bad.
• Many good and small service providers are not on the list.
• You can't share your reviews with people you know unless they pay to be a member.
• No Homeowners Group feature
• Slow web site and bad user experience
• Free for homeowners and contractors
• Reviews have much higher credibility.
• HomeHomeYeah is a open platform. You can add a service provider and write reviews right after that.
• You can share reviews easily with anyone
• You can create/join a homeowners group to share reviews with your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors easily
• Simple, fast and powerful UI. Great user experience
HomeAdvisor • They are in control. They collect your info and send it to contractors they prefer.
• Many good and small service providers are not on the list.
• They may manipulate the phone nubmers. Your phone call may go to HomeAdvisor call center instead of the contractors.
• One more thing HomeAdvisor is the new name of ServiceMangic which had bad reputation.
• You are in control and you choose which service providers to work with. We don't screen and we don't filter because we think that the reviews by you and people you trust are enough.
• HomeHomeYeah is a open platform. You can add a service provider and write reviews right after that.
• Reviews have much higher credibility.
• Real phone numbers
• HomeHomeYeah is built just for homeowners from the ground up.

To be fair those web sites do provide some value but we strongly feel that they are not built from ground up for homeowners and do not have enough trust.

Please let us know if you want to include other web sites for comparison.

How We Survive

Building this web site is costly. Fortunately we have the skills and we don't charge ourselves. You should never worry about whether we can keep up this free web site.

Any feeback please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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