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  • For Service Provider: Burke Home and Garden Services (Allen Burke)

    (Non Group User | Ranking:User) on 4/18/2020
    Allen is an amazing young man - what I have found in our dealings is that he is a man of his word. Not only that he is a multi-talented person who does an excellent job. He also is so willing to help in any way. I would highly recommend him to anyone - you will not be disappointed

  • For Service Provider: Car Key Locksmith Phoenix

    (Non Group User | Ranking:User) on 2/27/2020

  • For Service Provider: Your Inspector Inc [CLOSED]

    (Trusted Group User | Ranking:Senior Homeowner) on 6/10/2019
    I called the cell phone, and he is no longer Inspector now.

  • For Service Provider: FirstChoice Roof Service

    (Trusted Group User | Ranking:User) on 5/15/2019
    This guy is too arrogant. I used to call them for a quote of roof/gutter cleaning, and I finally chose another company to do the work. Some days later, when I asked FirstChoice to evaluate a roof hole (caused by tree branch), he refused arrogantly.

  • For Service Provider: Carpet King - Seattle Branch

    (Trusted Group User | Ranking:User) on 3/18/2019
    Thanks for sharing

  • For Service Provider: Raina Zhang - Real Estate Agent (Best Choice Realty)

    (Non Group User | Ranking:User) on 10/16/2018
    take the help of AOL Customer Care Number as they make use of the remote access technology.

  • For Service Provider: Patti

    (Trusted Group User | Ranking:Distinguished Homeowner) on 6/28/2018
    She is very responsive to text. voice message may not work.

  • For Service Provider: DHS Heating & Air (CLOSED)

    (Non Group User | Ranking:User) on 6/4/2018
    DHS Heating & Air is not CODA Heating & Cooling. Please disregard.

  • For Service Provider: DHS Heating & Air (CLOSED)

    (Non Group User | Ranking:User) on 3/12/2018
    Please note that DHS Heating & Air is now CODA Heating & Cooling.

  • For Service Provider: Grand Elephant Moving

    (Non Group User | Ranking:Homeowner) on 2/28/2018
    test test

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